Local June 13, 2024 | 9:13 am

Flights from Dominican Republic to Fort Lauderdale canceled due to severe weather

Santo Domingo.- Las Américas Airport-Aeropuertos Dominicanos Siglo XXI (Aerodom) reported that several commercial flights from the Dominican Republic to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, have been canceled due to severe weather conditions affecting the area.

Aerodom spokesperson Luis José López stated that at least three flights have been canceled. He advised passengers to contact their airline or travel agent before heading to the airport to confirm the status of their flights.

In response to heavy rainfall, Miami weather authorities have issued flood alerts extending through Thursday. The region has experienced significant rainfall, with between 3 to 7 inches recorded over the past two days. The forecast predicts continued rain due to a persistent low-pressure system over the state.

As a precautionary measure, airlines operating from Las Américas International Airport, José Francisco Peña Gómez, including American Airlines, Frontier Airlines, JetBlue Airways, and Spirit Airlines, have canceled several flights to ensure passenger safety.

The canceled flights include:

  • American Airlines flight number 1574 (Santo Domingo – Miami)
  • JetBlue Airways flight B-62448 (Santo Domingo – Fort Lauderdale)
  • Spirit Airlines flight NK 142 (Santo Domingo – Fort Lauderdale)

Passengers have been affected by these cancellations, resulting in some being stranded at the Las Américas terminal. Many have faced long lines to reschedule their travel plans. María Núñez and Ana Castillo, who were scheduled to travel on Wednesday, expressed understanding of the situation, attributing it to the inclement weather.

Airlines continue to advise passengers to verify their flight status before heading to the airport, aiming to prevent unnecessary travel and additional expenses. Authorities urge travelers to stay informed about the weather situation in South Florida and to take necessary precautions.

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Paul Tierney
June 13, 2024 12:16 pm

Is JetBlue going to be summoned for a scolding because of the cancellations, leaving passengers stranded?