Local June 13, 2024 | 10:32 am

Senate approves creation of Dominican Institute of Meteorology

Santo Domingo.- The Senate of the Republic passed a bill on Wednesday in its first reading to establish the Dominican Institute of Meteorology (Indomet), which will function as the regulatory authority responsible for meteorological and climatic activities and information nationwide.

The legislation mandates the setup of observation stations under Indomet’s jurisdiction to monitor weather conditions across the country around the clock. These stations will provide ongoing updates on atmospheric conditions to keep citizens informed.

Additionally, the bill requires a robust telecommunications system to maintain constant communication with regional and municipal meteorological centers. This system will facilitate the receipt and transmission of data from maritime stations, aircraft observations, and other forms of transportation crucial for national and international air navigation. The information will be accessible to flight crews, air traffic services, search and rescue operations, airport administrators, and other stakeholders.

The bill had previously received approval from the Chamber of Deputies following a favorable report from the Bicameral Commission tasked with reviewing the initiative.

In other legislative actions, Senate President Ricardo de los Santos referred a bill to a 15-day study period that authorizes the judicial declaration of death for individuals reported missing since the August 14, 2023 explosion at the old market in San Cristóbal municipality. This initiative originated from the Chamber of Deputies.

Furthermore, the Senate approved the creation of the Judicial District of Los Bajos de Haina municipality in San Cristóbal province, as proposed by Senator Franklin Rodríguez. This district aims to address the high volume of citizen complaints and legal cases, ensuring prompt resolution of judicial processes in the area.

Additionally, the Senate endorsed a bill presented by Senator Franklin Peña to elevate the Santa Fe area in San Pedro de Macorís municipality to the status of a municipal district.

During the session, the Senate also unanimously supported a resolution urging Minister of Tourism David Collado to develop necessary infrastructure for tourism at Monte Río beach in Azua province. This resolution was introduced by Senator Lía Ynocencia Díaz Santana.

The plenary session concluded with a moment of silence in honor of former mayor Julio Altagracia Núñez Estévez of Comendador municipality in Elías Piña province, as requested by Senator Iván Lorenzo.

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