Local June 14, 2024 | 4:15 pm

MOPC invests RD$7,000 million in bridge recovery

Santo Domingo.- The Ministry of Public Works and Communications (MOPC) announced the allocation of RD$7,057.2 million for the ongoing and upcoming rehabilitation of hundreds of bridges. Additionally, interventions for other bridges, amounting to RD$2,583.2 million, have already been put out to tender.

MOPC plans to intervene in 474 bridges and has completed rehabilitation work on 39 others. This follows the First National Bridge Census, which identified 2,264 viable bridges across the country.

The census aimed to maintain a record and inventory of all bridges, detailing their quantification, location, structure type, and condition. Minister of Public Works Deligne Ascención highlighted that the survey provides a comprehensive overview of the current state of large, medium, and small bridges.

The MOPC’s general directorate of bridges has developed a map showing the locations of each structure, accompanied by photographs and evaluations. This map will be used for maintenance, repair, and reconstruction planning.

“Our contribution is invaluable to guarantee the safety and efficiency of our road connections, playing a crucial role in improving the road network in the Dominican Republic,” emphasized the minister.

The National Bridge Census aims to create a national plan for maintaining and repairing these infrastructures through investment and planning. It also provides valuable data for maintenance and improvement, assesses risks, and prioritizes conservation investments for each bridge, focusing on those in urgent need.

The census identified issues such as oxidation in structural nodes, loss of section in plates due to oxidation, poor slab conditions, and degradation of concrete properties. This information will guide the planning of construction, reconstruction, and maintenance of bridges in the National District and across the country’s 31 provinces.

In Greater Santo Domingo and Santiago province alone, there are 456 bridges, with 250 in Santiago. Other regions include:

  • Cibao Sur (La Vega, Monseñor Nouel, and Sánchez Ramírez): 283 bridges
  • Cibao Norte (Puerto Plata, Espaillat, and Hermanas Mirabal): 275 bridges
  • Higüamo (Monte Plata, Hato Mayor, and San Pedro de Macorís): 258 bridges
  • Valdesia (San Cristóbal, San José de Ocoa, and Peravia): 205 bridges
  • Northeast (María Trinidad Sánchez, Duarte, and Samaná): 196 bridges
  • El Valle (Elías Piña, San Juan, and Azua): 196 bridges
  • Northwest (Montecristi, Valverde, Dajabón, and Santiago Rodríguez): 193 bridges
  • Yuma (La Altagracia, El Seibo, and La Romana): 123 bridges
  • Enriquillo (Independencia, Bahoruco, Barahona, and Pedernales): 95 bridges

The initiative aims to gather detailed information on bridges, crucial for mobility and accessibility, connecting regions and facilitating the constant flow of vehicles.

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