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Abinader says Russia-Ukraine war has affected food security of Dominicans

Luis Abinader with Volodymir Zelensky, head of state of Ukraine.PRESIDENCY

Lucerne, Switzerland—President Luis Abinader assured that the war in Ukraine’s negative impact on the economy has affected the food security of the Dominican population.

During his intervention in the working session on food security at the Summit for Peace in Ukraine, Abinader said that it is a population’s right and that access to food must be ensured.

He stressed that this is true not only for the most vulnerable populations in countries with very precarious economic conditions but also for small and island countries, such as the Dominican Republic.

In this regard, he stated that since the beginning of the war between Russia and Ukraine two and a half years ago, he has expressed his concern for the loss of human lives.

In addition, the damage to grain production and storage facilities in Ukraine has caused a precarious situation regarding food security, increasing the prices of these essential raw materials for the Dominican economy and hydrocarbons.

“Finally, I cannot fail to mention, because of its importance for the Dominican economy, that the war also affected Dominican tourism by eliminating Russian visitors, the second country of origin of tourists at that time to the Dominican Republic, as well as Ukrainians,” the Dominican president concluded.

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June 16, 2024 3:30 pm

Shaking this clown’s hand is not going to help you…