Local June 21, 2024 | 3:26 pm

Armed Forces General Staff meets at Cesfront for operational review

Santo Domingo.- The Ministry of Defense of the Dominican Republic (MIDE) announced on Friday that for the first time, the General Staff of the Armed Forces convened at the headquarters of the Specialized Corps for Land Border Security (Cesfront) in Santo Domingo. The session focused on organizational improvements, operational capability reviews, and other administrative aspects of military institutions.

In a press release, MIDE stated that the meeting, chaired by Defense Minister Carlos Luciano Díaz Morfa, presented proposals to strengthen current military management and institutional projection across various Armed Forces dependencies.

Minister Díaz Morfa praised Cesfront’s efforts in defense and land security, emphasizing the importance of continuous innovation in border security tactics and technologies to effectively confront threats and ensure a safe environment for all citizens.

During the meeting, Díaz Morfa reaffirmed his commitment to national security and defense, pledging to enhance the operational capabilities of the Armed Forces and ensure border protection.

Attendees included Vice Minister of Defense for Military Affairs Major General Julio Ernesto Florián Pérez, Vice Minister of Defense for Naval and Coastal Affairs Vice Admiral Ramón Gustavo Betances Hernández, Army Commander Major General Carlos Antonio Fernández Onofre, Navy Commander Vice Admiral Agustín A. Morillo Rodríguez, Deputy Commander of the Air Force Brigadier General Mauricio Ludovino Fernández García, Director of Cesfront Brigadier General Freddy R. Soto Thormann, and Director of the MIDE Legal Corps Brigadier General Yonis Rodríguez Luciano.

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Platano Frito
June 22, 2024 10:30 am

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