Local June 21, 2024 | 8:12 am

Immigration urges timely permits for minors’ travel

Santo Domingo.- Due to school holidays, when parents often send their children on international trips without accompanying them, the General Directorate of Immigration (DGM) urges citizens to obtain travel authorization certifications for minors in a timely manner.

To avoid long lines, system congestion, and ensure they have the necessary permits before traveling, the DGM recommends that parents complete their procedures well in advance. These permits can be obtained even without a purchased flight.

The DGM explains that these minor travel permits are valid for 90 days and the process takes about 48 hours from the submission of documents to the receipt of authorization via email, after which parents can pick them up physically. There is no need to wait until the trip is near to obtain the departure certification.

The requirements for obtaining these permits are detailed on the DGM website and social media. They include a power of attorney legalized by the Attorney General’s Office and signed by the parents or one of them, a copy of the passports of the parent(s) or third party traveling with the child, a copy of the minor’s passport with biometric data, photos of the minor, a copy of the authorizing parent’s ID, the minor’s birth certificate, and additional documents.

Additionally, the DGM reminds that minors traveling with both parents do not need to present birth certificates at airports unless an inspector identifies an irregular situation.

About the General Directorate of Immigration

The General Directorate of Immigration is the government body responsible for safeguarding the sovereignty of the Dominican Republic through immigration control, as per Law 285-04, which governs the entry and exit of Dominican citizens and foreigners.


  • Monitor the stay of foreigners according to their immigration status as stipulated by law and its regulations.
  • Grant residence permits according to the categories outlined in the law.
  • Implement and execute procedures for revoking the stay of foreigners, as required by law.
  • Deny entry to foreigners who do not meet the legal requirements.
  • Enforce non-admission, deportation, or expulsion orders issued by competent authorities.
  • Establish agreements with private and public institutions on immigration matters, covering both immigration control processes and the social and economic impacts of these processes.
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