Local July 8, 2024 | 3:15 pm

Search efforts intensify for missing hiker

Santo Domingo.- Early Sunday morning, personnel from the Civil Defense of Tireo, volunteers, and the Hunters Battalion, led by Jiménez Bournigal and Constanza’s National Police head, Alcántara Lantigua, began the search for 51-year-old Trinidad De La Cruz. Preliminary information indicates that Mrs. De La Cruz, along with others, was hiking from the Pinalito Dam to the Blanco Hydroelectric Plant in Bonao when she became separated from the group and her trail became unknown.

The latest search report reveals that teams have been following possible footprints and have found the cap she was wearing during the hike. Rodríguez stated that the route taken by the group of hikers where the woman disappeared is between the Pinalito Hydroelectric Plant, the Pinalito Dam, and the Río Blanco. This river runs through the provinces of La Vega and Monseñor Nouel. The search continues with the hope of finding Trinidad De La Cruz safe.

Drones and helicopters are being used in the search for the missing hiker. Drones are currently monitoring the area, while military personnel, police, Civil Defense members, the Red Cross, guides, and volunteers are patrolling the terrain. The FARD has also made a helicopter available for reconnaissance flights along the route. ERD Colonel Jiménez Bournigal and National Police Lieutenant Colonel Alcántara Lantigua are coordinating the search efforts from the Pinalito Dam.

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Paul Tierney
July 9, 2024 6:50 am

She has been found. Subsequently, she went to the Constanza hospital for a health check. She appears to be OK.