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Abinader warns gangs: crossing border will be worse than Haiti

Santo Domingo.- Dominican authorities have reported no indications that members of Haitian armed gangs intend to cross into Dominican territory following the arrival of the first contingent of a multinational force in Haiti. President Luis Abinader emphasized that any such attempts would be met with strong resistance, warning, “Here they will be worse off than in Haiti.”

During a weekly press conference, Dominican Minister of Defense Carlos Luciano Díaz Morfa assured that the border area remains “completely calm” after his recent inspection of the region. “Our Armed Forces are prepared, trained, and very attentive to everything that happens on the border and in the sister Republic of Haiti,” he stated. “We have very good contacts with Haitian institutions and personnel, and so far there is not a single indication that Haitian gangs are planning to enter the Dominican Republic.”

Addressing potential incursions by gang members now facing the international force supporting the Haitian National Police, President Abinader reiterated, “If they come here, things will be worse for them than they will be in Haiti.” He added, “The Armed Forces of today are very different from those of four years ago in terms of their equipment and infrastructure, and they are ready to defend the country with very high morale.”

In June, a first contingent of Kenyan police arrived in Haiti as part of an advance party of 1,000 agents from various countries forming a multinational mission to help Haitian authorities regain control of the country.

President Abinader also clarified that while there is no formal agreement to provide health care for troops injured in Haitian territory, Dominican hospitals are open to foreigners in need, as he believes should be the case in every civilized state.

Source: EFE

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July 9, 2024 10:48 am

This man is a straight liar to the core. Hey president have you finish the wall yet ?

Luis Grullon
July 9, 2024 9:35 pm
Reply to  James

Luis Abinader needs to do better, he needs to stop the Mafia in immigration and cesfront, no point in wasting so much money on fuel, staff, time, for the deported to bribe their way back into the country.
He needs to stop the corruption ASAP.
So when they get deported they are not allowed back.

Last edited 7 days ago by Luis Grullon