Local July 9, 2024 | 9:42 am

Commission oversight of Plaza de la Bandera roundabout road project

Santo Domingo.- A commission appointed by the Executive Branch to oversee the use of funds from the concession contract for Dominican international airports recently conducted an on-site inspection of ongoing road construction around the Plaza de la Bandera roundabout in the National District. This project includes an overpass on Isabel Aguilar and intervention on a section of the 6 de Noviembre highway.

During their visit, the commissioners engaged with engineers overseeing the project to obtain detailed updates on the construction schedule, final designs, and overall progress. They raised questions and expressed concerns regarding various aspects of the project.

The primary objective of this infrastructure project is to alleviate persistent traffic congestion by redistributing vehicular traffic across the city perimeter.

Key developments reported include the ongoing final drainage work integral to the project’s completion. Additional complementary works are scheduled for September 2024.

Despite recent rainfall affecting some project phases, engineers assured the commission that any delays will be mitigated. They reaffirmed their commitment to executing all plans and necessary adaptations promptly.

“We aim to complete all interconnections by early next month, allowing us to proceed with piling work as scheduled,” explained one of the engineers during discussions with the commissioners.

The commission announced plans for regular monitoring visits to ensure ongoing oversight of project execution and progress.

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Paul Tierney
July 9, 2024 10:35 pm

Just trying to imagine the chaos of this project is going to bring to an area having tapóns on all feeder roads. More chaos over chaos. Ugghh!