Local July 10, 2024 | 3:18 pm

Navy intercepts boat attempting to reach Puerto Rico

Nagua, DR.- According to reports, the Navy stationed in Nagua was alerted to a boat traveling along the coast with about 46 people on board, heading toward Puerto Rico.

Using a drone, the Navy confirmed the presence of the boat and its passengers. Upon realizing they were detected, the travelers disembarked at Playa Colorado. Seven individuals were captured, while 39 managed to escape.

The boat appeared to be an old fishing vessel, likely sold to the travelers or stolen from a fisherman. It was transported from Playa Colorado to the Navy post at Playa Los Gringos, where further investigations into the journey will continue.

This type of boat is commonly seen in the area attempting to reach Puerto Rico illegally, as the geographical location of Nagua, the main municipality in María Trinidad Sánchez province in the northeast of the Dominican Republic, makes it a frequent starting point for such ventures.

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