Local July 11, 2024 | 1:04 pm

Ministry of Environment halts activities in Las Dunas de las Calderas

Baní, DR.- Authorities from the Ministry of the Environment conducted a significant operation in Las Dunas de las Calderas, Baní, to notify property occupants of a new resolution. This resolution mandates the immediate cessation of all construction and agricultural activities, as well as any actions involving the cutting or burning of species within the dunes.

This measure aligns with the principles of prevention and protection of protected areas, as outlined in Law 202-04 (Protected Areas Sector) and Law 64-00 (Environment and Natural Resources). Both laws are fundamental to the defense and preservation of the country’s environment.

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Paul Tierney
July 11, 2024 4:15 pm

As soon as the environment authorities return to Santo Domingo the activities they halted will resume. That is the way it is in the RD.