Health January 10, 2021 | 12:18 pm

Puerto Plata public hospital and private clinics with beds available for covid-19

PUERTO PLATA – Given the resurgence of positive citizens’ cases with the covid-19 virus registered throughout the country, the health authorities in Puerto Plata indicated that there are beds available for patients in that jurisdiction.

According to the data provided by the Provincial Health Department (DPS), in the referred Atlantic province, there are 52 beds available for coronavirus patients since the total capacity is 155, of which 103 are occupied.

It was announced that the Ricardo Limardo University Teaching Hospital, which is the primary care center of the State in this Atlantic province, has enabled the area destined for patients of the COVID-19, where there are 13 beds available.

As mentioned earlier, the hospital director, Dr. Carlos Reyes, informed that about 50 people had been admitted for coronavirus, of which 43 are in routine isolation, 7 in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), and three are connected to ventilators.

While three private clinics in San Felipe de Puerto Plata and the municipality of Sosua have 22 beds to accommodate patients, they are diagnosed with the aforementioned viral disease.

The provincial director of health in Puerto Plata, Dr. Jhonny Tavarez Capellán, gave guarantees that additional beds are required to admit COVID-19 patients, more will be made available in the public hospitals belonging to the municipalities of the western part.

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