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CUNY Dominican Studies Institute awarded history grant

New York.- ´We areproud to announce that the CUNY Dominican Studies Institute (CUNY DSI) has beenawarded a Latino Americans: 500 Years of History grant.

Latino Americans: 500Years of History supports the American public’s exploration of the rich andvaried history and experiences of Latinos, who have helped shape the UnitedStates over the last five centuries and who have become, with more than 50million people, the country’s largest minority group.

The cornerstone ofthe project is the six-part documentary film Latino Americans, created for PBSin 2013 by the WETA public television station and supported by the NationalEndowment for the Humanities (NEH). The award-winning series chronicles Latinosin the United States from the 16th century to present day.

In collaboration withthe national initiative, Latino Americans: 500 Years of History, CUNY DSI hasorganized a series of events to tell the story of Dominican veterans of WorldWar II (WWII).

This collaborationwill expose, for the first time, a two-year research project undertaken by CUNYDSI that uncovered over 300 Dominicanmen and women WWII veterans who served in various U.S. military branches.

Many Dominicansreceived medals and other recognitions for their courageous actions in combat.After returning from war, many risked their lives, once again, to bringdemocracy to their homeland.

The CUNY DSI’s serieswill honor and recognize Dominican WWII veterans through an exhibit, ascholarly panel, and the screening of two episodes of the documentary LatinoAmericans. These events will highlight both Dominican and Latino veterans whileserving in the military, as well as their contribution to society after theyreturned from the war.

These events, freeand open to the general public, will be held at:

CUNY DominicanStudies Institute

Archives and Library

NAC Building, Room2/202

The City College ofNew York

160 Convent Avenue

New York, NY 10031

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