People November 9, 2016 | 9:11 am

Lecturer highlights Trampolín Museum’s family values, unity

Santo Domingo.- The Trampolín Children’sMuseum continues its commitment to the unity and the rescue of the essence ofthe families and contribute to this objective organized the master dissertation"Family, School of Values" by international lecturer Salvador Gómez.

"More than 700 students from differenteducational centers, representatives of civil society, churches andorganizations working for family well-being, took part in this importantactivity, held in the auditorium of the University Pedro Enriquez Urena(UNPHU), which also counted with the presence of former president Hipólito Mejíaand his wife, Rosa, founder of the Children’s Trampoline Museum.

Museum curator Nancy Handal de Mejía thankedthe participants and all the sponsors and the people who personally made thisactivity possible, and noted that the massive assistance is a sign that"many Dominican families are interested in preserving unity and values??within our homes."

"Salvador Gómez is a charismatic speakerwho has gained international recognition for being a spokesman for the familyunion, as the main pillar for the healthy development of societies, especiallyat a time when the "deluge" of networks and technology wins thebattle to the essence of what must be cultivated in homes as primordial values,"Handal said in a statement.

"With a strong message, Gómez opened theconference by stressing that "it is not true that young people of the pastare better than those of the present day, who are still the same, with the samechromosomes and genetic composition, what in fact has changed are the familieswhere these young people are growing and the system of beliefs and values??that now exists," the curator said.

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