People March 17, 2021 | 3:02 pm

The stunning villa JLo and ARod share in their reunion in the Dominican Republic

It has been a weekend of upsetting news, but finally, its protagonists, Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez, silenced all the breakup rumors. The couple has decided to keep fighting for their love, and after the turmoil, they have reunited in the Dominican Republic.

According to People en Español, the artist works in her partner’s country, where they have shared pictures of their love nest.

It is a spectacular mansion overlooking a pool and the sea, idyllic and very conducive to recovery from a complicated stage.


First, it was Jennifer Lopez who emotionally showed some glorious views of this dream place. And then it was ARod who did the same. It is a gesture that can be interpreted as their way of communicating to the world that they are well, together, and more united than ever.

Last Sunday, Alex Rodriguez traveled to the Dominican Republic to reunite with Jennifer after their crisis became public.

“Jennifer was very excited to see him face to face. They really want to make it work. It was a happy reunion,” a source told PEOPLE magazine.

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