Poverty July 7, 2015 | 2:27 pm

Batey Relief Alliance head to Clinton Global Initiative event

Brooklyn, N.Y. – Batey Relief Alliance’s founder and CEO,Ulrick Gaillard and Deputy Executive Director, Lauren W. Ojha will participatein the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) Week of Action to be held in New Yorkfrom July 9-17, 2015.

The event will bring cross-sector leaders together tojoin in a range of topical sessions. Participants will be encouraged to takepart in the sessions that are most relevant to their interests and Commitmentsto Action. Focused on identifying opportunities, strengthening partnerships,and developing Commitments in advance of the 2015 Annual Meeting, CGI Week ofAction sessions will highlight new and proven solutions for a range ofchallenges.

BRA officials are scheduled to attend the followingsessions: Inclusion to Equality: Amplifying the Contributions of Girls andWomen; LGBT Rights: Building a Collaborative Global Corporate Response;Strengthening Health Systems to Address Non-Communicable Diseases; WaterScarcity: Improving Access and Quality of H2O; and a Summer Reception withPresident Bill Clinton and Chelsea Clinton – an evening of connecting anddiscussion with members of the CGI community.

The reception will also feature a conversation withPresident Clinton on CGI’s 2015 Annual Theme, The Future of Impact, and theannouncement of special programming elements for the 2015 Annual Meeting.

After joining the CGI in 2011, BRA successfully launchedthree Commitments to Action: Women Economic Empowerment in Haiti,Maternal-Child Health in Peru, and Safe Drinking Water in the DominicanRepublic. At the CGI Annual Meeting in 2013, BRA’s CEO was invited to deliver avideo commitment announcement, while in 2014 he became one of the AnnualMeeting’s featured speakers.

Established in 2005 by President Bill Clinton, theClinton Global Initiative (CGI), an initiative of the Clinton Foundation,convenes global leaders to create and implement innovative solutions to theworld’s most pressing challenges. CGI Annual Meetings have brought together 190sitting and former heads of state, more than 20 Nobel Prize laureates, andhundreds of leading CEOs, heads of foundations and NGOs, major philanthropists,and members of the media. To date, members of the CGI community have made morethan 3,200 commitments, which have improved the lives of over 430 millionpeople in more than 180 countries.

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