Tourism March 2, 2015 | 10:46 am

Colonial Zone redo: No parking, no progress

Santo Domingo.- The head of the Dominican Engineers, Architects and Surveyors Guild, CODIA, on Sunday said the millions of dollars being spent on the Colonial Zone’s revamp will not have the intended impact unless parking lots are built at key points.

The civil engineer Jose Espinosa noted that the project features the construction of just one parking lot for the entire area, which in his view will not be enough for the number of vehicles which circulate in the area, and will convenience visitors. “Easy access to parking, comfort and above all safety are indispensable for both local and foreign tourists."

Interviewed on Channel 45 Teleradio America, Espinosa criticized that the Zone’s remodeling has left the streets narrower, “which means a trap for drivers because these roads are designed for a single vehicle and when they have a breakdown long jams will occur and will also be very difficult to rescue.”

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