Tourism July 20, 2015 | 11:04 am

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Talks widen on Colonial-era historic site redo

Santo Domingo.- Tourism minister Francisco Javier Garciaheaded a meeting Sunday to talk with the various sectors interested in theproject to restore the Ruinas de San Francisco historic landmark, prior to theconclusion of the design’s first stage.

The official said the project awoke national awareness onthe need to preserve the value of our heritage in hand with cultural tourism."This is the opportunity we have to recover the ruins of San Francisco,because the resources are there now let’s define how to do it together."

In a statement project coordinator Maribel Villalona saidthe call for tenders was conducted to select the company that will head the projectdesign consolidation which will be called, "Ruins San Francisco ArchaeologicalPark and Cultural Center."

She said the master plan includes improved surrounding neighborhoods,and that renowned Spanish architect Rafael Moneo won the tender in which 42 localand foreign companies participated.

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