Tourism July 21, 2015 | 10:33 am

Carnival’s proposed bike lane for tourists in Puerto Plata splits locals

Puerto Plata.- Thecruise ship company Carnival’s proposal to "privatize" one lane of PuertoPlata’s Malecon (seaside boulevard) to make it safer for tourists on bicycles hassplit the locals.

But despite that the City Council has yet to agree to thecompany’s road plan design that features a bicycle lane for foreigners who arrive from the cruise port at Maimon (Amber Cove) to the historic center, PuertoPlata mayor Walter Musa cites potential traffic jams if the project is approved.

Quoted by the official said the proposedroute runs from Maimon zigzags through the street off the Malecon. "We’resaying that it’s not possible to make the lanes narrower, but we will work in aprocess.”

Musa however agrees that the city must provide security forthe tourists who’ll flock to Puerto Plata in just three months, so work needsto be done on the bicycle route.


In addition to restrictions on heavy vehicles when touristsuse the route, the Tourism Ministry builds an amphitheater at the Malecon’s tipand since Sunday the work to widen the road from Maimon advances, as touristswill start arriving October 6.

Community mistrust

A public hearing on the proposal at the Puerto Plata CityCouncil was suspended because several council members were unaware of the initiative,which some citizens agree with on tourism development, despite opposition to thebicycle lane.

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