Tourism August 4, 2015 | 9:06 am

Yet another project to clean up, develop Dominican capital´s rivers

Santo Domingo.- PresidentDanilo Medina and the Ozama and Isabela rivers recovery commission on Monday saidwill be build an avenue along both waterways and halt the dumping into theirwaters of pollutants and trash by companies.

The announced projectis the latest proposal to clean up and develop the fouled waterways, the mostrecent an Italian company with even upscale waterfront real estate.

National Districtmayor Roberto Salcedo provided the information after the meeting with themayors of Greater Santo Domingo and other committee members.

He said trees will beplanted along the river banks as part of the ambitious project´s objectives. “Wehave yet to quantify them, but each of these projects to be implemented weobviously have to work on the budget to identify the sources of resources."

He said five community-oriented companies operatingon their banks collect 500 tons of trash each day which had been dumped into thetwo rivers, "and since we now pay 25 dollars per ton they now try to pickit up."

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