Tourism September 15, 2015 | 8:01 am

Conventions, weddings buoy Dominican tourism industry

Santo Domingo.- Tourismof conventions and weddings are the new markets that will boost DominicanRepublic´s tourism industry and diversify its offer in the coming years.

Turinter travelservices president Carlos Alonso on Monday said the country´s geographicallocation and high number of hotel rooms paint a bright future for that type oftourism.

He called conventiontourism huge with a high purchasing power and travelers seek good hotels sincethey are paid by their company. "Tourists who come for conventions havehigher spending in the country, because they are professionals who are paid togo to the event, so they will spend and often come with their family."

Accompanied byTurinter executives Alejandro Alonso and Pamela Mancebo, the business leader saidthe country was on the convention tourism sidelines for many years, monopolizedby countries including Argentina, Colombia, Brazil and Mexico, “but times havechanged and now the Dominican Republic is a great option.”

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