Tourism September 22, 2015 | 8:37 am

Four-lane road to new Carnival cruise port nearly done

Puerto Plata.-The PublicWorks Ministry on Monday pledged to within a week conclude the two-kilometerstretch of the total 8.4 kilometers of the Maimon-Puerto Plata road, whichforms the first stage of the expansion to four lanes of the 44.5-kilometer roadthat links the town Navarrete to the Atlantic coast.

During a tour of thework Public Works official Ramon Antonio Pepin said theroad´s conclusion is a commitment to the cruise company Carnival Corp., which willcut the ribbon for the tourist port at Maimon Bay (Amber Cove) on October 6.

"We’ve beenpractically concentrated in these two kilometers, which are 90% advanced and atthe asphalt level, due to the commitment that we have with them (Carnival) tohave it ready for the opening of the tourist pier," Pepin said.

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