Tourism November 12, 2015 | 11:55 am

Salud! Dominican Govt. lifts booze ban Dec. 10 to Jan. 8

Santo Domingo.- The Interiorand Police Ministry said Thursday that there’ll be no restrictions on the saleof alcoholic beverages at bars, clubs, colmadones, restaurants and otherbusinesses from December 10 to January 8, as part of the Christmas and New Year celebrations.

In a statement,Interior and Police said the provision was adopted after a consensus through consultationsand meetings with representatives from those businesses. "The lifting of banbenefits music bands, combos and artistic groups so they can offer theirservices, which usually post higher demands in this Christmas period."

It said however that toprevent incidents, the monitoring will increase for businesses that sellalcoholic beverages which its view pose a risk to citizens and public safety.

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