Tourism January 20, 2016 | 11:19 am

Dominicans have no clue of their underwater world´s beauty

Santo Domingo.- Despiteliving on a half-an-island, the Dominican community is generally unaware of thepotential, beauty and magic of the underwater world around them, according to ascientific diver whose stunning images and data to show why it´s important to preservethose environments.

Mar Vivo (live sea),written and illustrated by William Ricart, a civil engineer and professionalunderwater photographer, is one of the most detailed iconographic studies ofDominican reefs, captured by regions.

Quoted, the author warns that despite that irresponsible human actions andpurely environmental causes have severely damaged the shores around the country,they still maintain their beauty and an adequate space for the practice ofamateur and professional diving, and a plus for tourists who seek purelyrecreational visits.

“Researcher argues thatthere is still time to save our seas and fauna, contributing with pictures pf itspanoramas full of vitality by the impressive marine life surrounding theDominican Republic.”

Tracy Bowen, anAmerican researcher who supported Ricart´s scientific work, stressed that Dominicansare moving their preservation processes to their underwater world, especiallyto protect amphibians, marine mammals, and the huge number of creatures offlora and fauna that thrive on coral reefs.

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