Tourism March 14, 2016 | 10:05 am

CEMEX says RD$300M debt halts construction of Puerto Plata road

Santo Domingo.- Dominican Republic’s biggest cement-makeron Saturday clarified that the RD$300 million owed by the State Supervising Engineers Office(OISOE) has halted construction on the Puerto Plata-Luperon road.

CEMEX Dominicana’s statement responds to recent protests by communities demandingthat the work on the provincial road resume s

"Werecognize the importance of the road and the high interest of the communitiesin the area to enjoy a safe, modern and at the height of tourism they receive. However,significant delays for more than 18 months in the agreed payments with theDominican Government have prevented us from continuing the work as we had scheduled,"said CEMEX PR Luis José Lopez.

CEMEX saidit won the OISOE call for tenders to build the 28.3-kilometer, 2-lane road in2014, and was to be the first in the country to use concrete technology.

He said the projectincludes two bridges and repair’s of four others and gullies in areas prone toflooding.

The road isexpected to promote the economic development of communities by improving the flowof foreigners and locals attracted by the Atlantic coast’s natural beauty, andwill also link Luperon with the recently opened cruise ship port.

Communities,tourism and transport associations have been demanding the road’s conclusion forseveral months, who expect to benefit from the renewed economic dynamics.

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