Tourism May 9, 2016 | 9:30 am

Dominican Rep. among best retirement sites:

Santo Domingo.- Specializedoutlet on Sunday called the country one of the world’s favoriteplaces for seniors to retire, “and we have searched for the best in theDominican Republic so you don’t have to.”

“Consider this your Dominican Republic retirementshortlist. It is no surprise why and how the Dominican Republic is fastbecoming a hub not just for retiring Americans but for a growing number ofexpats too,” the outlet said.

“There is nothing unlovable about the Dominican Republic’syear-round warm and sunny weather, world-class golf courses, pristine beaches,lower cost of living, and a thriving economy. The Dominican Republic is nolonger just a Caribbean vacation destination but presents itself as an almostirresistible option for year-round living.” adds that to make the list, “we have puttogether the best of the best lists from Expat Exchange, Huffington Post, YourRetirement Paradise, Live and Invest Overseas, and Investopedia. These are thecities or towns in the Dominican Republic that stood out on being friendly toexpat retirees – affordable, safe, has great options for recreation, greathealthcare, and is close to other important facilities."

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