Tourism June 17, 2016 | 12:01 pm

Target Consultants announce “Your Country” culture and tourism fair

Santo Domingo.- The national cultural and tourism fair"T Pais” (your country) will be held in the Sambil mall ballroom July 21 to24, to showcase the cultural expressions and tourist attractions in each of DominicanRepublic’s regions in a single stage.

Target Marketing Consultants CEO Teddy De Lara hostedcocktail party at Victoria by Porter House restaurant where he announced the event’sdetails organized by the public relations agency centered on creating specializedactivities for the tourism media.

"The idea behind devising the Your Country show is tocontribute to the promotion and recognition of the tangible and intangiblecultural heritage of our country, through tourism, taking into account theunique and indissoluble relationship between these two concepts," De Lara saidin the keynote speech.

"As everyone knows, the tourist of this century, whoseeks different experiences, precisely wants to incorporate this set ofexperiences with the knowledge and contact with the elements that form part ofthe culture of the countries or cities that they visit, and this fair seeks tobring together in one place our major cultural manifestations and recreate theattributes we have in each region of our territory," De Lara said.

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