Tourism November 9, 2016 | 11:11 am

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Everyone pitches in as flocks of tourists will converge on the Zone

Santo Domingo.- Several government agencies and the private sector will prepare Sans Souci Port and Caamaño Av. (Del Puerto) for the start of the cruise season.

More than 132,483 tourists are expected arrive this year who will visit the Colonial Zone and other areas of Greater Santo Domingo, according to the Ministry of Tourism.

The entities coordinate on the requirements leading to a successful 2016-2017 tourism season, and promote the development of Santo Domingo as a quality tourist destination.

Among the works figure repairs of pedestrian bridges on Avenida del Puerto, the painting of pedestrian crosses and placing of speed bumps.

The National District City Council is landscaping the Zone and cleans up and organizes the western bank, and allows the Sans Soucí group the used of the municipal parking lot when the cruise ships arrive.

The Santo Domingo Este City Council also landscapes the sidewalks and the road to the Port, and cleans up of the eastern span of the route.

For its part the Public Works Ministry adapted the Floating Bridge for use by tourists on foot and the Tourism (CESTUR) and Traffic (AMET) Police coordinate to ensure safety of tourists during tours and control traffic on Avenida del Puerto and the Colonial Zone.

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