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Montecristi’s wish list to develop the Northwest’s tourism: report

Montecristi airfield is open

Montecristi, Dominican Republic.-  The recent initiatives to develop the Northwest’s tourism potential by business and the government have been timid, area residents cling on  to the hope for progress, outlet reports.

Montecristi, one of four provinces of the Northwest, Law 241 declared it a Tourism Zone in 1984, and given its abundant natural resources, dazzling beaches and a variety of flora and fauna, becam the 5th Tourism Pole in 1993.

Heading its main attractions are the monolith El Morro, the Cayo Siete Hermanos keys and the old clock at the city square. It also boasts several historic houses of West Indian architecture.

Montecristi Tourism Cluster president José Luis Bournigal says the time has come to take advantage of the area’s natural resources and attractions. “For that we need more private investment and the Government’s hand with the repair of the streets of Montecristi, as well as all the roads that link it with other municipalities in the region.”

Bournigal asked Public Works to repave some sections of the road to Santiago, adeteriorated due to lack of maintenance.

Other people quoted by say Montecristi needs to create jobs to improve the people’s life.

“This is a hard working province where one can enjoy other types of tourism other than beach and sand,” said Apolinar Jiménez, past governor.

For province senator Hans Vieluf Cabrera, the key needs for tourism’s launch are a sewage treatment system, 24 hours of light and paved streets.

Atlantic Expressway

But the work which Montecristi residents most long for is the “Atlantic Express,” a seaside road to link their town to Puerto Plata with a half-hour drive.

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