Tourism February 26, 2018 | 6:50 pm

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Dominican health tourism’s offer at Berlin’s International Fair

DR at Berlin in 217.v Photo TravelTradeCaribbean

Santo Domingo.- The Dominican Republic forms part of the group of countries that at Berlin’s international Fair (ITB) will offer health tourism as one of the segments with high expectations of development and will even double the segment’s exhibition space.

Other countries that will promote health tourism are Poland and Croatia, and a significant presence of hospital offers from Turkey, and Jordan was announced, as well as Germany itself.

Due to strong demand, the segment, which was presented last year at the largest travel fair in the world, is moving to a larger salon.

A growing number of international exhibitors will be represented at the event, including the Dominican Republic.

As in 2017, visitors to the presentation area can learn about medical tourism’s developments and trends, such as a presentation at the many spas in Tuscany, or at a HTI Conference in Zagreb on Thursday, March 8.

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