Health July 13, 2020 | 2:09 pm

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Covid-19 expansion threatens the opening of tourism in the DR


 At least 7,110 new cases of coronavirus have been reported in the last week

 Canada and several European countries also prevent travel to the DR


The launch of the tourism sector after more than three months of closure could be frustrated by the increase in the cases of Covid-19 that have been registered in the country, only in the last week at least 7,110 new cases of coronavirus and 103 deaths have been recorded.

The situation has led the United States Embassy in the DR to publish a statement on its website advising its citizens not to travel to the country. “Medical assistance is seriously reduced with many hospitals almost or fully already at their maximum capacity, limited beds in Intensive Care Units, and increased risk of exposure to Covid-19 of hospitalized patients.”

The Embassy recommended:

Dial * 462 to contact the Covid-19 Helpline in the Dominican Republic for specific instructions if you have been exposed or are experiencing severe symptoms. Note: English speaking operators are limited.

All US citizens must comply with the restrictions established by the Government of the Dominican Republic.

Have a plan to leave the Dominican Republic that does not depend on the help of the United States government.

Visit the COVID-19 crisis page at for the latest information on travel and other global impacts.

Enroll in the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) to receive alerts and facilitate their location in case of emergency.

Another factor that could slow down the revitalization of tourism is the request from various sectors for a state of emergency to be declared again due to the increase in contagion and deaths due to Covid-19, which amounts to some 43,114 confirmed cases and 864 deaths. confirmed.

According to Joel Santos, former president of Asonahores and one of the advisers in that area of ​​the president-elect, Luis Abinader, the Dominican Republic must send a message of confidence, highlighting that it is a suitable place for the reception of tourists and for this, the opening protocols of the sector, as well as stopping the expansion of the infections of the Covid-19.

He also cited that many issuing countries, such as those that make up the European Union and Canada, still do not allow their nationals to travel to the Dominican Republic.

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