Tourism July 22, 2020 | 7:49 am

Tourism Minister-designee signals ruling party unity

D. Collado.

Santo Domingo.- With the integration of David Collado into his cabinet, President-elect Luis Abinader signals a wager on the unity of leadership both internally in his party and in other sectors of the country.

Collado expressed his support for Abinader with his entire team in a political rally with the slogan of “Luis plus David” at a key moment in the final days of the campaign, described as a “coup de grace” to seal the victory in the National District and on the first balloting.

Abinader visited the former mayor of the National District at his residence on July 11, and by appointing him as the next Tourism Minister, a key sector of the economy, clears any doubts about political fissure, initiating a government with a message of understanding between the two leaders of the ruling party, PRM.

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