Tourism August 21, 2020 | 3:56 pm

Air Europa maintains flights to Santo Domingo, DR despite cancellations in America


The measure attributed to the closure of passenger traffic due to the pandemic

Offer bonuses and date changes but forget about refunds


Flights to Santo Domingo escape the cancellations that Air Europa is making in Latin America. The Globalia airline has suspended all departures scheduled for September to and from Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Paraguay, and Peru, according to

“Due to the closure of passenger traffic due to the pandemic, in some countries of America, we have been forced to cancel the operations scheduled for September,” he limits himself to say. However, it clarifies that it will carry out weekly repatriation flights in all these countries.

Air Europa ensures that the rest of long-haul flights “continue to operate normally.” In this way, it keeps intact, in addition to Santo Domingo, the route program to Guayaquil, Miami, New York, Quito, San Pedro Sula, and Sao Paulo.

The airline informs that travelers affected by cancellations will receive an email where they will be given the option to change the reservation for a new date “or” request a voucher for the amount of the same to use for a year.” Instead, it makes no mention of the possibility of requesting a refund.

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