Tourism August 21, 2020 | 4:17 pm

Marranzini: “The hotel that today has the best occupancy is 35% in the DR.”

Andres Maranzini

The vice president of the Association of Hotels and Tourism of the Dominican Republic ( Asonahores ),  Andrés Marranzini, pointed out that “the hotel that today has the best occupancy rate is around 35% of what is available.”

Also, he said that the restrictions that still exist in some countries so that their citizens do not visit the  Dominican Republic, in his opinion, reduce the possibility of obtaining sending countries that have border openings.

“For the said year, it is estimated that the average occupancy will end about 22%, and by 2021 about 54% average, that is being conservative,” he said.

Manrrazini highlighted that 70% of people who come as tourists stay in hotels, while the other 30% stay in Casa de Campo, look for accommodation through Airbnb or stay at a friend’s house.

He pointed out that the country cannot close the beaches in an uncoordinated international announcement. That produces cancellations, as is the case of some 800 stays that were canceled by a decision.

“The Dominican tourism sector is prepared to come out of this crisis since it is quite resilient to overcome this situation, so Asonahores is convinced of the sector’s fundamental level, the level of interconnectivity that the DR has and the health capacity it has in the tourist poles. Besides, we are prepared to establish a connection with new air routes,” he indicated.

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