Tourism February 23, 2021 | 4:23 pm

Posadas: “Our clients in Mexico are crazy to come to the DR”

Replication of Live Aqua in Cancun is sought in Punta Cana.

 The Dominican Republic remains an attractive destination for tourism investors.


With the recent commitment of the Posadas Group, which is in charge of managing the Live Aqua Beach Resort Punta Cana, the hotel company hopes to entice tourists from their origin ( Mexico ) to visit more of the Dominican Republic as a tourist destination with their newly opened hotel.

This was explained to by Enrique Calderón, director of operations of Grupo Posadas, who also said that when the brand began to expand, he thought of the Caribbean because there is a lot of synergy between both nations.

For this reason, he stated that they are working to attract Mexican tourists since they understand that they do not visit the DR as they should. “We are solid in Mexico, and we aspire to create that bridge so that the arrival of Mexicans to the Dominican Republic can develop with more force.”

He indicated that obviously, they would not stop working with the American, European, Canadian, and South American markets. Still, they will put more emphasis on being attractive and creating facilities for tourists from Mexico.

“Of the Caribbean destinations, there are some highly positioned like Puerto Rico, Aruba and Curaçao that become aspirational, but when you arrive in the Dominican Republic, you realize that it is much more beautiful and attractive than what is said. The people, the food, the warmth, tradition, and others… makes it an extraordinary country, and all this should be known first-hand by Mexicans,” he added.

Calderón said that Grupo Posadas when relaunching its entire concept of resorts, was given the task of creating a concept that is only inclusive so that the Live Aqua in Cancun “has been very successful and emblematic that it has a community of frequent return visitors of more than 8,000 people,” and this is what they intend to replicate in the Dominican Republic.

“They (the tourists) are crazy to come here. The -aqua lover- (self-term of the lovers to the resorts in Cancun, Mexico) is a community of clients who stay three times a year in the hotel on average,” he pointed out.

The strength in the destination, he indicated, is what had maintained the confidence in investors and developers, since before the Covid-19 pandemic, the DR had the highest growth rate in tourism. All this indicates that the country is one of the most important for “us as operators who are looking for investors to take care of their business.”

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