Tourism May 9, 2022 | 4:32 pm

New Boston-Puerto Plata air route inaugurated

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The USA.- The Consulate General of the Dominican Republic in Boston, Massachusetts, represented by the consul general in this city, Ramón Antonio Cruz, and the vice-consul Charge d’Affaires, Luis Gustavo Estrella, inaugurated the new Boston-Puerto Plata air route from the American airline JetBlue.

Both officials of the Dominican consular mission attended the General Edward Lawrence Logan International Airport in this city of Boston to formally open the JetBlue B6 785 flight bound for the Gregorio Luperón International Airport in Puerto Plata.

“On behalf of the government of the Dominican Republic, we thank the JetBlue airline for opening this flight to Puerto Plata, the bride of the Atlantic, because it will have a significant impact on the region at a tourist level” said the consul general, Ramón Cruz.

He also highlighted the importance of this air route for Dominicans residing in the New England region of the United States “since it allows them to enjoy yet another destination of our beautiful Quisqueya.”

On his side, the business vice-consul of the consular mission, Luis Gustavo Estrella, explained that it is a new route that has been achieved “through inter-institutional efforts, between the Civil Aviation Board and its director, José Marte Piantini; the Secretary-General, Paola Pla, and thanks to the excellent business and investment climate emitted by the management of our president Luis Abinader, and the efforts of this Consulate.”

Estrella explained that after 17 test flights, “today JetBlue officially decides to stay with this important route, which will be transporting an average of 1,300 passengers per month to this important destination, bringing Dominican families and tourists closer together, in order to boost more the local economy.”

He said that this momentous event was celebrated with great joy to the rhythm of merengue among passengers, JetBlue executives, and Consulate staff, all waving the Dominican flag.

Also present at the flight’s inauguration were Sandra Palmer, JetBlue’s General Manager of Airports Operations; Natalie Martínez, Manager of Government Affairs of the airline; Raúl Cepeda, an official of the Dominican Consulate in Bosch, among others.

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May 9, 2022 4:57 pm

alright…. another route… we love the Americans 🙂