Tourism November 14, 2023 | 3:30 pm

Tourism begins construction of a multipurpose plaza in Santa Cruz de El Seibo

Santo Domingo.- Minister of Tourism, David Collado, has initiated the construction of a Multipurpose Plaza in the municipality of Santa Cruz del El Seibo, with a budget exceeding three hundred million pesos.

This project encompasses an impressive 5,700 square meters of construction within a 20,560 square meter intervention area. The primary goal behind this endeavor is to foster the development of cultural tourism, particularly in an area renowned for its bullfighting artistry, being the sole province in the country where this tradition thrives.

The Multipurpose Plaza, designed for a capacity of 2,500 individuals, has been meticulously planned with inclusive architectural spaces, ensuring accessibility for all visitors.

Collado emphasized the direct impact that this project will have on the region’s tourism development, stating, “This work will mark a before and after in the push for tourism in this province.”

The construction will be carried out by the Tourism Infrastructure Execution Committee (CEIZTUR) of the Ministry of Tourism (Mitur) and is estimated to cost RD$300,780,963.26. The facility will include a recreational plaza spanning 17,760 square meters, parking for 102 vehicles, 7 buses, and 36 motorcycles, along with extensive landscaping, a 2,567 square meter children’s area, lighting, security measures, and various amenities for visitors.

The Multipurpose Plaza project encompasses a multipurpose room accommodating up to 60 people, boxes with a capacity for 56 individuals, offices, 6 sales modules of 70 square meters each, a preparation area, and dining facilities. Additionally, it features storage spaces, bull stables for festivities, dressing rooms, a ticket office, an information point, a gift shop, and a waiting area.

The ceremony celebrating the project’s commencement was attended by numerous provincial and municipal authorities, including Magalis Tabar de Goico, the province’s governor; Santiago Jose Zorrilla, the senator; Leo Francis Zorrilla Ramos, the mayor of El Seibo, as well as Sixto Brea, the director of CEIZTUR, and prominent figures from the tourism sector.

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