Local April 16, 2019 | 12:15 pm

Specialist supports summit to discuss use of marijuana

Doctor Fernando Fernández, specialist in human behavior.

Dr. Fernando Fernandez, a specialist in human behavior, favored the proposal made by neurosurgeon José Joaquín Puello that a large summit be convened in the Dominican Republic to discuss all issues concerning the use of marijuana and its applications in medicine.

Dr. Fernandez said that different proposals and points of view of specialists in the country have emerged on this type of medication, so it is advisable that the subject begins to be widely discussed, since the positive effect of its application is known to control the pain of patients with cancer, which not only affects the patient but also impacts the family members and the attending physician.

He judged the proposal of an open summit to discuss everything pertaining to the medicinal use of marijuana and its use in the world of medicine. “We are not talking about giving an open field to the use of drugs, but that which is marketed to make it an alternative for various uses.”

He stressed that in addition to the proposal of José Joaquín Puello on the use of marijuana for medical purposes, recently the psychiatrist Héctor Guerrero Heredia proposed its legalization, “so making a hybrid between both interventions, I understand that a meeting should be held to discuss this and other drugs that have medical uses,” said the teacher, who is a leader of the Medical Education Committee of the Medical College.

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