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Business leader praises Barrick Gold’s announced US$1.0B investment

Press Release

Santo Domingo.- The president of the Roundtable of the Commonwealth Countries in the Dominican Republic, Fernando González Nicolás on Tues. labeled as timely and very positive the new investment announced in the Dominican Republic by Barrick Gold world president, Mark Bristow.

He said that Barrick’s investment in his country is a clear signal of investor confidence in Commonwealth countries and in Dominican Republic’s business and investment climate.

Gonzalez said Barrick’s investment is “very beneficial” for the mining sector of the country. “These investments have significantly impacted the Dominican economy in general, in the recent past, in the present and now is estimated for years to come.”

The business leader noted that Barrick Gold has invested some US$5.2 billion in the country in the mine at Cotuí (central), accounting for 30% of the total national exports in recent years. “The expansion of Barrick’s investments in the Pueblo Viejo gold mine will contribute to generate more benefits and taxes for the Dominican Government so it can improve education and wellbeing of all Dominicans.”

In a statement Gonzalez added that Barrick’s investment, “should move us to reflect” on mining’s role on the Dominican economy. “And motivate us to better value and protect responsible mining, as an effective instrument of development and wellbeing for all Dominicans.”

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