Local September 22, 2020 | 8:05 am

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AG pulls out of Odebrecht case prosecution team

Santo Domingo.- Attorney general Miriam Germán’s refusal to form part of the persecution in the Odebrecht case, was the center of the debates on the first day of the trial against those accused of taking US$92 million in bribes, and prompted the recusal of the members of the Justice Ministry in the National District 1st Collegiate Court.

The defense took the stand during eight hours, although it was believed that the first hearing would be to organize the calendar and other preparations.

Most of the motions were resolved by the court, chaired by Judge Gisselle Méndez. Until the defense of Conrado Pittaluga requested a suspension, to formalize Germán’s inhibition. They argued that an administrative act should have been issued establishing who would replace her in the case, which is why the prosecution was not properly constituted.

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