Uncategorized June 28, 2021 | 8:17 am

Cronyism reigns in Dominican National Lottery

Santo Domingo.- The recently appointed Administrator of the National Lottery, Teófilo (Quico) Tabar said the entity, affected by fraud, can work with 30% of its personnel and dedicate itself to its task: the draw of its tickets.

That 30% would imply reducing the 2,126 people who are on the payroll at the institution to 638, according to the report up to May.

The National Lottery has five payroll modalities that cost taxpayers RD$39.4 million per month, the most numerous is that of permanent employees, which has 1,375 people and whose monthly cost is R$36.1 million.

The composition of this payroll includes more than 100 housekeeping employees, in addition to another 55 from general services and another 30 from the maintenance division.

”In these last two dependencies, the jobs are interwoven between assistants, cabinetmakers, plumbers, carpenters, civil aides, while in housekeeping, the vast majority are janitors, totaling more than 70,” Tabar said.

But the National Lottery, which, according to its organization chart, is made up of 12 divisions and 30 departments, has about 30 people in the position of receptionist, about 20 are models, in addition to the various secretaries and assistants.

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