Uncategorized October 1, 2021 | 10:32 am

Customs scraps red tape to spur exports

Santo Domingo.- In order to increase the volume of Dominican exports, the General Customs Directorate (DGA) presented “Exporta+ with D24H,” with the integration of 105 recognized companies that will work together with the institution to convert the country into the logistics hub of the entire region.

“Exporta+” seeks to reduce red tape for the export process, thus increasing the regular volume of goods leaving the country, to make the Dominican Republic more competitive compared to other nations in the region.

Director of Customs, Eduardo Sanz said “Exporta+” has the fundamental goal of ensuring that the 155,000 containers that leave the country empty, leave full of Dominican products for all markets.

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bernie sierr
October 1, 2021 11:40 am

That would be ideal if we can achieve that.

Paul Tierney
October 1, 2021 12:28 pm

This is all and good for the economy. One can bet there will be companies already in or wanting in on the digital process to export cargo. There may be corrupt participants showing innocence to use the paperless system for illegal trafficking. There has to be a checks and balances routine in place to prevent abuse of the system.