World December 7, 2015 | 9:08 am

Former Dominican leader: Venezuela electoral system ´solid´

Caracas.- A formerDominican Republic president who heads the Electoral Mission of the union of SouthAmerican countries (UNASUR) sent to Venezuela for Sunday’s elections said that country’selectoral system is "solid and impregnable," EFE reports

Leonel Fernandez said it´sa system with the "highest technological quality" and surpasses those"in most Latin American countries."

"No one isquestioning the validity of a solid and impregnable system in terms of the qualityif provides," said Fernandez, quoted by Telesur.

He said the 40 experts ofthe voting entities from each of the 12 Unasur countries can attest to hisclaim, adding that it´s a system that "provides guarantees and assurancesthat all citizens can, without restraint, without hindrance, without repressionof any kind, exercise their vote according to their conscience."

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