World August 1, 2017 | 3:11 pm

PRM urges government to reject Venezuela poll result

Venezuela Student Protest (file photo).

Santo Domingo.- The main opposition party in the Dominican Republic, the PRM, has condemned the Venezuelan government for proceeding with its unilateral call for the July 30th election of a constituent assembly “amid the extreme political polarization that has ripped Venezuelan society apart.”

In a statement from the Executive Board, signed by its president Andrés Bautista and general secretary Jesús Vásquez, the PRM urges the Dominican government to not recognize the result of this poll and to accept the Peruvian government’s invitation to a meeting of foreign ministers scheduled for next Tuesday August 8th, which has already been accepted by eleven countries, to assess the situation in Venezuela.

The opposition party states that “the despicable violence that occurred during the elections caused several deaths, injuries and destruction of property, completely tainting the process that has been met with widespread rejection by the international community for violating the Venezuelan constitution and universal democratic principles.

“The PRM deeply regrets that democratic order in Venezuela has been dealt an additional blow that, despite being avoidable, intensifies the current confrontations and distance between the parties in the search for a peaceful and lasting solution for genuine self-determination and reconciliation for the Venezuelan people,” concludes the statement.

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