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Attack exacerbates crisis in Haiti

On the occasion of the 218th anniversary of Haiti's independence, the US Secretary of State> Antony Blinken urged Haiti to move "towards democracy."

Santo Domingo, DR

The political panorama continues to complicate Haiti in the face of a wave of violence that does not stop, not even at the service of Mass for the commemoration of the 218th anniversary of this nation’s independence.

The EFE agency reported that at least one person died and several were injured in the Haitian city of Gonaives during the attack by an armed gang against the prime Minister, Ariel Henry, and his entourage, who were leaving a church after the service of a mass in commemoration of the 218th anniversary of independence.

According to the first reports in the Haitian media, the person was killed in the middle of the shooting between members of an armed gang in the Raboto sector and the security forces that protected Henry and other officials.

The newspaper Le Nouvelliste explained, in a publication yesterday Sunday, that it was 9 in the morning when the prime Minister’s procession arrived at the Cathedral of Gonaïves, under heavy police protection. At the same time, the detonations echoed in the surroundings.

He indicated that accompanied by the Minister of Defense, Enold Joseph, the Minister of the Interior Litz Quitel, and other members of his government, the Prime Minister was received by the number one of the interim agents of the city Donald Diógenes, in an almost empty cathedral. During the celebration, Monsignor Yves Marie Péant, after expressing his wishes for peace, love, and prosperity towards the Haitian people, fostered a frank, inclusive and permanent dialogue to lead the country out of the labyrinth in which it currently finds itself.

He states that while the head of government was carefully following the development of the ceremony, there were clashes between the armed civilians of Raboto and the different units of the HNP.

He pointed out that in the vicinity of the church, Yves Dirogene, hit by two projectiles, one in the rib cage and the other in the left rear, died after being transferred to La Providence hospital. Two other injured will receive the care that the case requires.

According to the Haitian newspaper, as he was unable to deliver his speech at the Place d’Armes, the prime Minister was also unable to have it at the cathedral due to the non-authorization of the religious leaders.

The prime Minister’s tenant changed his mind and returned to the capital after opting for the COUD departmental emergency operations center, located in Morne blanc (Ruta de la Cuenca).

Members of popular organizations, ASECS and CASECS, and population members waiting to present their complaints to the Prime Minister returned home empty-handed.


Big challenge.
Attending in person, in Gonaïves, the commemoration of the 218 years of national independence was a great challenge assumed by Prime Minister Ariel Henry that could have cost him his life.

Monsignor Yves Marie Péant called for patriotic conscience at the Mass by asking the armed groups to lay down their arms because there is no dialogue with weapons in hand. The clergyman also encouraged petty interests to be marginalized for the benefit of the community.

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January 3, 2022 7:00 pm

USA needs to bring in a couple of drones and eliminate the enemy. ??