World July 1, 2024 | 9:24 am

Haitian gangs maintain power despite arrival of Kenyan troops

Port-au-Prince, Haiti.- Despite the arrival of the first Kenyan troops in Port-au-Prince, criminal gangs continue to exert control, even providing drinking water to the Haitian population. These gangs have retaken the Gressier police station in the southern part of the capital, using it as their headquarters.

A propaganda video released by the gangs showcases 103 heavily armed members occupying the police facilities. This display of force underscores the gangs’ stronghold in the area.

Nine days after the appointment of PNH general director Normil Rameau, no operations have been initiated by his new team. Additionally, Kenyan police officers, who are patrolling certain streets alongside HNP officers, have not yet engaged in any actions against the armed gangs.

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July 1, 2024 11:41 am

What a surprise, those few 100 police men gonna be quicker out of there as they came.

July 1, 2024 10:07 pm

Did ya think this was going to change overnight…lol