World July 4, 2024 | 8:20 am

AIB and CAUSA-AIB honored at Dominican Taste Festival 2024

New York.- The Bávaro International Airport Foundation (AIB) and the Altagracianos Committee USA (CAUSA-AIB) were honored for their participation in the Dominican Taste Festival 2024. Elida Almonte, founder and executive director of the event, praised these non-profit institutions for their community work in various areas. She expressed gratitude for their support, emphasizing the importance of their contributions to those in need. “The collaboration between the Dominican Taste Festival and these organizations will continue, ensuring that they will always have open doors due to their valuable community contributions,” said Almonte.

The positive impact of AIB and CAUSA-AIB has been widely recognized, and their involvement in events like the Dominican Taste Festival underscores their commitment to the community. Almonte highlighted their essential work, which benefits the most vulnerable populations.

Victor Dumé, community director of the AIB Foundation, emphasized the significant impact of AIB and CAUSA-AIB on the Dominican community both domestically and abroad. These non-profit organizations have dedicated themselves to enhancing the quality of life for Dominicans through various programs and services.

“The work we do at the AIB Foundation and CAUSA-AIB is crucial for our community’s well-being. We strive to provide health services, promote sports, foster education, preserve our culture, and protect the environment. Our mission is to improve the quality of life for Dominicans, both in the Dominican Republic and abroad, and we are committed to continuing these efforts,” said Dumé.

The AIB Foundation focuses on improving health and well-being in the province of Altagracia, Dominican Republic. Their services include general medicine, pediatrics, sports, education, culture, environment, and gynecology. They also provide free medicines and donate medical equipment for orthopedics and rehabilitation.

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