World July 5, 2024 | 11:42 am

UNESCO designates Dominican Republic’s Mother of Waters Biosphere Reserve

Paris.- UNESCO’s Man and the Biosphere Programme recently declared the Madre de las Aguas Biosphere Reserve in the Dominican Republic, marking a significant step towards conserving essential mountainous regions crucial for water resources. This designation, spearheaded by Minister of Environment Miguel Cera Hatton and supported by environmentalist Yvonne Arias, underscores the country’s commitment to safeguarding 709 rivers and streams across seven key basins. The reserve encompasses eleven provinces and 36 municipalities, spanning 398,247 square kilometers and impacting over 1,591,000 inhabitants.

The initiative aims to protect biodiversity and ensure water security through the preservation of three scientific reserves, two natural monuments, and two forest reserves. It reflects a comprehensive approach to sustainable development, emphasizing the integral role of local communities in environmental stewardship. Minister Cera Hatton highlighted the critical importance of preserving mountain ecosystems and expanding forest cover to maintain water sources essential for national sustainability.

Yvonne Arias, representing the Dominican MaB Committee, lauded the successful collaboration with UNESCO and highlighted the comprehensive efforts undertaken to fulfill the MaB Programme’s stringent criteria. This declaration not only reaffirms the Dominican Republic’s dedication to environmental conservation but also sets the stage for enhanced collaboration between government entities, local communities, and international organizations to promote responsible environmental practices and sustainable development initiatives nationwide.

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