World July 11, 2024 | 9:29 am

Haitian Prime Minister pledges hospital rebuilding

Haiti.- Following the recovery of the State University Hospital of Haiti (HUEH) from armed gangs, Prime Minister Garry Conille visited the facility to address its restoration and the needs of vulnerable populations. Accompanied by high-ranking officials including the Director General of the National Police and the Minister of Health, Conille expressed determination to rebuild and restore services essential to the community.

“This hospital belongs to us, and it must serve those in need,” Conille emphasized during his visit, condemning the vandalism and occupation that disrupted medical care. He underscored that healthcare facilities should be safe havens, not conflict zones.

In response to the challenges posed by armed groups, Conille pledged government support for law enforcement efforts and urged citizens to remain patient amid ongoing security operations. The impact of gang activities has severely hampered healthcare access, leading to looting, arson, and the departure of medical professionals.

The situation has prompted distressing outcomes, such as patients opting to leave medical facilities for less secure environments, with tragic consequences like the recent death of tuberculosis patient Pierre Richard Darabie in a makeshift camp.

Despite these challenges, Conille assured the public of efforts to restore order and healthcare services, promising comprehensive cleanup and support for affected neighborhoods. The government’s resolve, he affirmed, remains steadfast in reclaiming public spaces and ensuring safety for all citizens.


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Dogs of War
July 11, 2024 11:43 am

There’s no money to do that. Haiti is bankrupt, broke they would have no ability to fix up a hospital.

July 11, 2024 11:56 am
Reply to  Dogs of War

If they manage to clean up their corruption even a little bit, I’m sure they’ll come up with funds.

Last edited 5 days ago by DCamp21
July 11, 2024 12:28 pm

Instead of the United nations and all this NGOs getting in Dominican republic business. They should be in Haiti building schools and hospitals.

Dave Lopes
July 13, 2024 5:35 pm

Fix what exactly? The hospital is still not completed, it needs to be built first. As for money, raise tariffs, stop buying from DR, concentrate on national production, recognize China, would be great starting steps.