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Miami (Latinvex).-  The Dominican Republic is one of the leading growth markets for wireless telephony in Latin America, according to a Latinvex analysis of data from the International Telecommunications Union (ITU).

The number of wireless subscribers grew 6 percent to 8.8 million last year. That was the sixth-highest increase in Latin America in percentage terms.

However, the Dominican Republic still has plenty of room to grow. Its wireless penetration rate is only 83 percent, significantly lower than the 113 percent average in Latin America.

The Dominican growth contrasts with Latin America overall, which saw a 2.7 percent decline last year to 674.5 million wireless subscriptions.

Brazil, Latin America's largest wireless market, suffered an 8 percent decline to 257.8 million subscribers. However that was enough to rank it among the top five wireless markets globally - ahead of countries like Russia and Japan.

Peru last year reached 34.2 million wireless subscribers, which represents a 2.3 million increase over 2014 - the largest real increase in Latin America. In percentage terms (7.4 percent), the growth was the third-highest in the region.

Cuba saw the highest growth in percentage terms (32 percent). However, that came from a very low base and the country remains the smallest wireless market in Latin America, with 3.3 million subscribers, according to the Latinvex analysis.

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